Benjamin Leon
TinType, Bohemia, 189X
A Brief History:

Abraham J. Leon was Born
Johann Franz Seraphin Nahrhaft

His wife, Sarah Leon, was born
Teresia Bilek'ova'

Their son, Benjamin Leon,
was Born Emanuel Nahrhaft

Benjamin Leon & Grandmother ?
TinType, Bohemia 189X

Johann Franz Seraphin Nahrhaft
Later Known as 
Abraham Jaccob Leon

I recently found this photo of
Johann F. S. Nahrhaft
Upon close examination, he appears
to be wearing a Masonic pin on his collar.

The inscription (as translated by Robert Froetschl):
"Your father when he was young... 1848"
(Robert mentions that this was the year of the German revolution, which was put down by the Prussian Army.)

Emanuel Nahrhaft
Later Known as 
Benjamin Leon
Bohemia or Chicago, 189X-190X

Emanuel Nahrhaft (Tintype)

Abraham James/Jaccob Leon and
Benjamin Leon, Jerusalem 1904

Abraham James/Jaccob Leon

Benjamin Leon, Jerusalem 1904

Benjamin Leon


Benjamin Leon

Henry Naharentia (Nahrhaft) at age 3
with father Henry, Grandmother, and 2 aunts.


Henry's Parents


 Benjamin Leon with Granddaughter Julie


Christof(pher) Nahrhaft

Christopher Nahrhaft
(Benjamin Leon's Uncle)


Benjamin's Cousins,
Anton & Heinrich Nahrhaft
The Note on the back reads:
"(im) Jahre 1912
Anton als oesterreichischer Zollassistent
Heinrich als oesterreichischer Offizier"

Anton Nahrhaft 1936

Heinrich Nahrhaft 1945

Benjamin & Tzivia Leon
with Daughter Molly

This must be kind of rare...
Benjamin, Tzivya, & Mollie
in Ohio in Right hand drive Auto

Heinrich Nahrhaft & Wife

Heinrich Nahrhaft &
Son, Henry Nahrhaft (Naharentia)

Anton, Christipher, Christopher's Wife, & Heinrich
Benjamin's Sons. Uncles Abe and Jack
(Front of Photo)

Uncles Abe and Jack
(Back of Photo) 

Benjamin's Son Abe
Benjamin's son Abe

Celia (Leon) Noah

Celia (Leon) Noah

Celia (Leon) Noah
with daughters Sandra and Bonnie

Celia (Leon) Noah
with Chocs (the Lab), and Reeba (the Border Collie).  2004

Henry on his visit to Los Angeles
(I believe in the 70's)


In Los Angeles, Henry & Jack Leon

Jack's son Sheldon

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