Family Alaska Trip, July 2002

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Charles & Bonnie Share a Belly Laugh
Roger & Bonnie
Louie & his daughter Bryna

Helen & her mother-in-law Marcia
Mellisa, Michael, Mollie, & Michelle

Mellisa, Mollie, Michael, Stuart, Sandra, & Bryna
at the Crystal Gardens in Victoria
We took the kids fishing...
Charles was the only one to catch anything.
Michael, Mollie, Sandy and I, hiding from the fish !

Mendenhall Glacier
Duckling swimming in glacial lake at Mendenhall
Helen and Michelle back on deck.

Charles hamming it up on the hike in the Tongass
Tongass hike group photo
Kathy, Sandy, Stu, Charles,  and Sharon (in front)

At the end of the hike we were treated to beer from a bear proof box ..
and we all say hurray !
Sandy and I at the half way (turn around) point.
Back on the ship.. Happy Birthday to me !
Blow out the candle.

It's Formal night on the ship.
Hey, I didn't know that Charles could fly !
Goofing round in monkey suits.
Bonnie too !?
Maybe they split a Red Bull ?



Now how many people do you know with a lavender accented tux ?
If you look closely, you will see that the studs are also lavender.
Sandra and Stu visiting Ruthie Guetler at her house in Fremont, earlier in the trip.