Assorted Photos

Mom, Hy and Chocs

Mom, her boyfriend and "der hund".

Howard and I looking at a lot in Topanga

I was driving past Pepperdine on a hot day earlier this summer (2005),
and saw this group of deer grazing on the lawn.

Cherry picking in Leona Valley with James, Michael, Marlee, and Benjamin.

Taking a break at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate in Independence.

Edith, Sharon, and I making our way to the top of the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.

Enjoying the view from the top !

Cousin Elizabeth Ann, her husband Dallas,
Jacob, Amanda, Meagan, and baby Samuel
(1999 Uncle Ruby's 90th Birthday)

Cousin Sarah Marie, her husband Kevin,
Garret, and Parker
(1999 Uncle Ruby's 90th Birthday)

We not only got to set up the Haunted Graveyard, but we also got to take
James and Michael to the Halloween Fair.

Uncle Joe, Shantie, and Uncle Ruby
(2004 Uncle Joe's 90th Birthday)

Hanan and I at Strouds Chicken Restaurant in K.C.
*NEWS* The original roadhouse is coming down (Read More)

Hanan flirting with Sheila, the waitress*, at Strouds.
* Sheila is also a real estate agent, so if you are looking for a home in the K.C. area...

Joe, Joni, Ruby, and Ian in L.A. for Marlee's Bat Mitzva 2005
They get around real well for 90 & 95, and Joe still goes to work every day.

Brian and the band, Searching for Daryl, at his Birthday Party
Daryl is playing Bass... with my old stack.

Mitzko, visiting us with her children Lumi, Maki and baby Go

Lumi and Maki in the Living room

Mom and her brothers Abe, Jack, and Albert at her birthday.

Cousins Cheryl & Scott, Cheryl's boyfriend Steve (far right),
and I at mom's birthday.

Setting things up for a balloon ride in Riverside.

The burner was a little low though ...
I had to hang to the side to avoid singeing my hair.

Taking a nap with Harry

Brian and Lianne with their uncle Vinode.

Vinnie getting ready for his wedding.
Following the Hindu tradition he has been covered in Saffron...
by the time I left so was my shirt !  ;~)

He sure cleaned up real nice for his wedding day.
I guess a yogurt bath will do that for you !

Mitzko, her husband Taka, Lumi, and Maki

Joy Simmer with Seeta & Chocs

Turkey Seeta
It was near Thanksgiving, some time after I had the gate with
the doggy portals made, that I thought about
putting up a few decorations ....

Turkey Chocs

Sandra Noah

Lou and Ian Noah

Mark, hiking in the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

Mark, without his sunglasses, still hiking in Virginia..

Aunt Helen, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Betty

Uncles Abe and Jack in their VFW outfits.

Mom, David, Dad, Jennifer, and baby Marlee

James decided to try on my boots.

Marlee and Benjamin

Marlee and Benjamin

Here I am with Marlee and Benjamin, after family photo day.
Do I look tired ???

Brother Mark, Janet
Marlee, and Benjamin

Marlee & her Mom, Janet 2005

That's all for now

Someday, I am going to get all of
these photos better organized !

Promise !