Halloween Photos from the old neighborhood in Culver City

One of the gravestones on the front yard

It reads:

Here's Waldo !!

  This gravestone reads:

Here lies Pop

brother of
Snap and

Another Gravestone reads:

Here lies Clyde

He ate ribs till he died
under a sign that

"All you can eat for ten bob"

When the doctors were
done pumping out his
insides; he went back
the next morning to
finish the job.

(This one was borrowed from the lyrics of  the Joe Jackson song
More is More, from his Heaven and Hell album.

Oh well how scary can a pumpkin be anyway ..

Boo !

The  surfer and rasta skeletons
cruising the driveway.

More of the skeletons
in the driveway.

Juliet from next  door
showing us her costume.

Juliet's big sister Tiffany
ready for combat.

Juliet and Tiffany


Juliet with Seeta, before putting on her costume.

Yours truly...

The whole neighborhood got into the act,
this is a photo at the neighbors, Fred & Monica.

That's Fred in the gray mask; I believe that
he had a chainsaw too ...

don't worry he's a very responsible man...
well, he's a sheriff !  ;~)