My Random, and Wandering, Thoughts...

(In pretty much the same order in which they occurred to me.)

In our times, God speaks to us more with little nudges than with great oratory....

When I was in my early twenties, after a night out with the boys, I wrote this down on a piece of paper ....
"You too can know the meaning of life... just don't expect to remember it when you're sober !"
Unfortunately, to my own credit, this turned out to be true, and
to this day I still can't remember the meaning of life...

Over the years, I have found that it has been a lot easier to
stand up for a friend than it has been to stand up for myself.

Although it is always wise to be cautious,
the doorway to missed opportunity consists of posts and
lintel named fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

By the time the Beatles first performed the song
"All you need is Love" they were already Millionaires.
So, does their opinion still count ?

The best piece of advice that my mother ever gave me was that,
when I was angry,
I should  "count to ten" before speaking ... unfortunately there have been
one or two occasions that I have regretted not waiting until I reached 15 !

Forget about who gets the formal dinnerware, the real question is
who gets the paper plates ?

God is not a computer, dissecting our prayers for syntax errors.
Rather, he looks into our hearts to find the sincerity of our thoughts,
and the contrition of our souls.

Sometimes Family is more a state of mind than a question of D.N.A.

Lumber is measured in feet, Horses in hands...
If there is a measure for mouths, it is probably feet as well...
Mine is a size a 11, what's yours ?

Although my father didn't offer a whole lot of words of wisdom,
he lived an honest life.  He helped friends, family, and neighbors,
and treated strangers fairly.  He didn't need to say much,  his
actions were all the words of wisdom that we needed.

Good Advice can come from just about anyone.
The person that you think might not be able to save themselves
from a speeding "Hot Wheel", might hold the answer to your prayers.
The trouble is you may have to listen to a nearly infinite stream
of nonsense before a solitary pearl of wisdom pops out.

Democracy is not a panacea, it is merely a lens
that focuses in on the true character of a nation.

I cant be certain of this but, I'd bet
that if dogs could develop video games
there would be a squirrel involved somewhere.

A "Good Friend" returns your acts of friendship.
A "Dear Friend" gives you friendship even when you don't deserve it !

The greatest fallacy is the idea that legislation can substitute for common sense.
The second greatest fallacy is that there is much common sense in the legislature to begin with.

What is the hardest thing to hold on to ?

What is the hardest thing to let go of ?


What is the most precious thing that you can give another ?

I hope that in some small way these thoughts prove useful to someone, or at least put a smile on their face.  ;~) Stu