Seeta's Neighborhood,
Out and About with Seeta the dog and her friends

Hi, I'm Seeta !!
(AKA Pretty Girl)
I'm a mostly black Border Collie.

  Seeta's Mail

 Here I am, daydreaming,  on mom & dad's bed...

Here I am, concentrating on a snack.

Maybe if I feign disinterest
he might put the camera away.

This is a picture of my cousin, Kimber.
This is my friend and neighbor, Jasmine.
Master of the torture of one million kisses.
 Hey, I thought the Jasmine was 
"The Master of the torture of one million kisses" !!!
 Hi, I'm Lizzy !

Isn't it just marvelous that we
now have our own Web page !

And TURBO says ...

Great Party !

Do you know where the tree is ?"



I'm Sandra.... 
                       Don't hate me because I'm beautiful !!

Sandy & her family

Ramo in the Sink.

Ramo & his mom-o


Mumbley & his mom and dad.

That's my Girl.
Go Reeba, Go !!!
Seeta visits Riggs, at his home... 
...The Three Musketeers
   Nigel, Riggs, & Ruger
Horse, meet Seeta..
Seeta, meet Horse..
Horse, meet Bonnie

No, we said MEET not EAT !!

Our very first doggy family member, 'Frisky'.

He was with us until I was 12 years old... Stu

We love you Frisky !


        This has been a nice visit

             I'm going to take a nap...

                     You can go now...

                         Sweet Dreams !

 I'm #1...
                   I'm #1...

                                   I'm Ralph the dog...
                                   I'm Ralph the dog*...

Seeta came in first in her class at obedience school,
and she got to wear this real neat kilt too !

* - inside joke... 'Ralph the dog" =Alpha dog


Can you find the dog in this picture ?


when Seeta gets tired of playing with Chocs,
She hides from him... 
and she does this
all by herself !