Thanksgiving in Kansas City, 2005

 Approaching Kansas City International Airport.

Looking out the window just before landing.

The Alexander Major House Museum

The Alexander Majors House was built in l855, on the east side of State Line Road near 85th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Majors was the leading freighter on the Santa Fe Trail from 1848 to the Civil War, being the primary contractor for military freight on the route. In partnership with William Russell and William Waddell, Majors sent thousands of wagons over the trail.

Local ghostbusters claim that Louisa Johnson lived on the property for many years prior to the home entering the aegis of the Historic Trust; the woman struggled to maintain and restore the property with her limited resources. Sadly, her dream of a pristinely restored Majors House would never be realized within her lifetime, she died in the caretaker's cottage before formal restoration on the house was begun. Her ghost is often sighted in the house and around the grounds, perhaps enjoying in death what she could not accomplish in life.
- Lisa Galloway

Marker at the Herb/Medicine Garden
Shawnee Mission Historic Site

Sharon at the Shawnee Herb/Medicine Garden

The garden is a little sparse this time of year.

Me, Stuart, in front of the oldest mission building.

Out to Dinner at Jack's Stack
Uncle Ruby, Uncle Joe, Sharon, Cousin Howard

Howard's daughter Sarah, with her sons,
Parker & Garett.

Howard and his grandson Garett

Parker, Sarah, Stuart, and Garett

Gas Prices

Much lower than they are in Los Angeles

Sharon, Cousin Dorothy, and Howard

Cousin Dorothy and I

Sharon's Daughter, Rachel, and her sons,
Arian, and Ian

Arian, and Ian

Rachel's husband, David, with the boys.

Sharon and the grandkids.

I saw this sign on my last day in K.C.

So, I figured that I might want to take a
photo for the math club.