California Noahs visit Family in Kansas City

 Benjamin & Marlee
 Sharon, Benjamin & Marlee
Marlee, Benjamin, Janet, & Ian 
 Sharon & Celia (mom)
 Ian & Celia (mom) 
 Sharon (K.C.) & Little Arian
 Mark & Marlee
at Science City
  Benjamin & Marlee
  at Science City
 Ian, Ian, & Howard 
  Sharon, Ian, Ian, & Howard
 Ruby's back....

Dorothy Clayman,
Uncle Joe, & Lou Studna 

 Marlee & Benjamin
 Marlee, Benjamin & Sandra
 Benjamin & Ian
Benjamin, Marlee & Ian 
 Sharon (L.A.) & Arian
Abbey, Heather & Keith 
 Betty, Ian, Fannye, Sharon & Ruby
If Kansas City is the Capital of Barbecue (which it is),
then Bryant's is the Capital of Kansas City Barbecue.

Although, every person has an opinion on the best
barbecue shop, you just have to eat at Bryant's.

The other stuff is good, but this is as good as it gets.

Uncle Ruby, Uncle Joe, and Cousin Howard's Shop

on Cherry Street.

(The 'J.R.' for Joe & Ruby, and 'Veteran' because
were both back from WWII when they
started the business.)